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Practice Group Information

Swimmer Group Placement

Please click on the matrix to see the different swimmer groups, their training goals, and the expectations for each group. The coaching staff will determine which group your swimmer is placed in, but we are always open to discussion.

Factors Considered When Moving a Swimmer to a Different Group

When considering moving a swimmer to a different group, coaches will look at the following factors:

  • Age: Swimmers are typically grouped together by age, but there may be exceptions for swimmers with similar ability levels.
  • Ability: Coaches will assess each swimmer's ability in all four strokes.
  • Commitment level: Coaches want to make sure that swimmers are committed to the level of training required for their group.
  • Progress: Coaches will look at how much a swimmer has improved over time.
  • Attitude: Coaches want swimmers who are positive, motivated, and coachable.
  • Emotional maturity: Coaches want swimmers who can handle the demands of the training and competition.
  • Test set results: Coaches may also consider a swimmer's test set results when making a decision about group placement.

If you have any questions about group placement, please do not hesitate to contact the coaching staff.

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