PASA Alpine Update #11

Hi Team,

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

After a dark and gloomy week things are starting to look up! We will hopefully have normal air by tomorrow or Wednesday. Given that, we will cancel PS, Gold, Silver, Bronze practices today and keep our fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I just spent three days at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs with 45 other coaches from around the country. The focus was on age group swimming and how to make it better so our sport continues to thrive. USA Swimming recognizes programs like ours are critical to the success of swimming at all levels so they want to invest. I learned a lot and will share the most valuable things with our community.


  • Thanksgiving Week Schedule:
    • Monday Senior only
    • Tuesday regular practices (fingers crossed)
    • Wednesday-Saturday practices will be canceled for all but the Arizona kids
    • Arizona kids will practice 8:00-10:00 W/F 8:00-9:00 for younger ones), no practice Thursday and then 8-10:30 (8:00-9:00 for younger ones) Saturday.
    • Dec 8th 12:30-3:30 at Arastradero Park
      • Tis the season! Community work in Arastradero Park.
      • Parents and swimmers encouraged to participate.
      • Please sign up here.
      • For more details and a waiver that needs to be signed go here.
      • There will be a fund raising component - stay tuned.
  • Dec 14th 5:00-6:00
    • Holiday cookie exchange

Meet Schedule

  • Nov 29th - Dec 2nd Holiday Festival in Tempe, AZ (qualifiers only)
  • Dec 15th - PASA Intersquad JO Minus Meet (for those who don't have JO or above times)

You may be wondering...what we're doing in the pool.

Given it's a short week, we'll focus on fun and being Thankful!

Happy Birthday to:

  • Nov 21 - Alex Klugman
  • Nov 26 - Grant Maletis

Practice Schedule (changes in Red)

PreComp 1

  • Wednesday canceled (Happy Thanksgiving Break)

PreComp 2

  • Tuesdsay 3:30-4:15
  • Thursday canceled (Happy Thanksgiving Break)


  • Monday canceled
  • Tuesday 3:45-4:30pm
  • Wed-Friday canceled(Happy Thanksgiving Break)


  • Monday canceled
  • Tuesday 3:45-4:45pm
  • Wed-Friday canceled(Happy Thanksgiving Break)


  • Monday canceled
  • Tuesday 3:45-5:15pm
  • Wed-Sat canceled (Happy Thanksgiving Break)

Pre-Senior (PS)

  • Monday canceled
  • Tuesday 4:30-6:00pm
  • Wed-Sat canceled (Happy Thanksgiving Break)

Senior (SR)

  • Mon 4:30-7:00pm, Yoga 4:30-5:15pm
  • Tuesday 5:30-7:15am, Dryland 5:30-6:30
  • Tuesday 5:00-7:00pm, Swim only
  • Wednesday 8:00-10:00am Swim
  • Friday 8:00-10:00am Swim
  • Sat 8:00-10:30am, Dryland 8:00-9:00am, Swim 9:00-10:30


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