SSF meet info and psych sheets

Our FIRST MEET OF THE YEAR!!!!!!! This is a long email please READ.

The coaching staff is looking forward to starting the season off strong.

The swimmers will be swimming at Oceana High school September 17-18

Please take a look at the MEET SHEET, for location info, and general meet info.

We will have a team canopy outside the facility at Oceana, we request all swimmers hang out in the TEAM AREA during the event. Helps build the sense of team and if a coach needs to find a swimmer we know right where to look. Parents should keep this space for the athletes, let them take ownership. Please sign up to bring the canopy to and from the meet.

This is a SPLIT session meet: Do not arrive late.

SESSION A (13 & Over and 11-12 Girls): Warm Up is from 7:00 - 8:15 AM.

SESSION B (8 & Under, 9-10, and 11-12 Boys): Warm-Ups will begin immediately after Session A finishes.

Typically, warmups for the afternoon (sessionB) begin around 11:30-12:00 we ask swimmers to arrive for the afternoon session around 11:30. If there will be a big delay or possibly an early start, the coaching staff will try and send an email the morning of.

All families are expected to volunteer some time to help this meet run smoothly.

Volunteering positions include:

Timer: no experience required, on the job training provided. Press a button when the swimmer finishes their event. Anybody can do this, Mom, Dad, Grandma, responsible sibling. If you know your swimmer is in one of the last events of the session, please fill in the later spots for timing, those are always the most difficult to fill.

Canopy delivery: We need the help of 2 families, one family to pick up the canopy at Alpine and bring to the meet and help set up the swimmer rest area. The other to bring the canopy back to Alpine once the meet is over. Swimmer’s swimming SATURDAY AM should bring the canopy, Swimmer’s swimming SUNDAY PM should bring the canopy back. The canopy does not need to be returned to Alpine directly after the meet. Please return to Alpine early the following week. The canopy stays over night at the pool.

Please use the Link below to sign up for volunteering.


Parking at Oceana can sometimes be tricky. Please be very respectful of the neighborhood.

Weather looks like it should hold up Saturday, being on the coast it usually gets windy. Sunday there is a chance for rain please prepare. All swimmers should keep warm between events. Please do not have your athlete walk around barefoot in only their suit.

Always bring snacks, healthy foods. Swimmers are burning tons of calories competing. Bring food and WATER, not sports drinks or sodas, Water. I always want to see my athletes with a bottle of water between events.

TOWELS: I always have suggested to bring the same number of towels as you have events. Towels get wet and cold it is always nice to have a warm towel after cool down.

Chairs: Bring comfy chairs

Swimmers should be engaged in the meet between events. Swimmers are NOT supposed to be on their phones/tablets during the meet.


Steps to Register:

1) Click on this link

2) Create a login

3) Login again and make sure your team is PASA.

Follow the registration instructions

Here is a video for extra help!

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