DACA meet info

We are looking forward to this weekend's Short Course CBA+ at Saratoga High School. Please see below for pertinent meet information including approximate timelines, timing assignments, etc. I will be sending this out to entered families, but if you could please forward along the information to your athletes and parents as well.

As a reminder, this is a DECK SEEDED meet. Athletes will need to check-in for their events upon arrival. Please note the specifics in the meet sheet wording:

      CHECK-IN: The meet will be deck seeded. Athletes must check-in at the Clerk-of-Course. No event shall be closed more than 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the session. Prior to 10:30 AM, close of check-in for each event shall be no more than 60 minutes before the estimated time of the start of the first heat of the event. Close of check-in for all remaining events for that day shall be at 10:30 AM. Athletes who do not check in will not be seeded and will not be allowed to compete in that event. Athletes who wish to scratch from an event after the close of check-in are requested to inform the Referee on the starting end of the competition course.

  1. Please check the timing assignments. We are running 3 chairs per lane. Chairs have been assigned in accordance with athlete entry numbers. We are responsible for lanes 4,5,6
  2. Be prepared to help time. 
  3. Dave will bring a canopy for Alpine Swimmers and Families. I ask all families to please sit in our team area, swimmers can be easily found if needed. 
  4. Athletes are required to provide their own timers for the 500 Free/400 IM/1000 Free.Approximate Distance Start is 12:10pm on Saturday and 12:00 pm
  5. Distance swimmers are responsible for bringing their own lap counters.
  6. DACA will NOT be running a snack bar at this meet.
  7. There is NO TENT SET-UP (coaches or athletes) prior to Saturday AM. Please do not send families/coaches to set up tents on Friday. The facility will be open beginning at 6:00 AM on Saturday.
  8. There will be no-seating signs posted around the venue in areas that Saratoga High School does not allow any set-up. Please encourage your families to observe these parameters. They will be asked to move if set-up in areas designated as no-setup spaces
  9.  We cannot have families camping directly in front of the bleachers or standing and not moving in that area beyond the duration of their child's heat, as the space is just too narrow.
  10. The Psych Sheet is attached.Please print your own copy  if you need one
  11. Jolyn is planning to have a pop-up set up on Saturday (exact open/close time TBD).
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