PASA Meet results and updates

Our pool has reopened and we are back to our Typical schedule. I can't wait! 

ALL GROUPS: The next meet is open for registration March 18-19 LAMV Please log in to fastswims.com and register now. Meets fill fast. Team rule: please register for the MAX number of events per day. Encourage your swimmers to try new events. 

To our Spring age group champion (JO's) swimmers: Please do you entries NOW. I also need to know who is available for relays. PASA combines sites for relays and to be selected is quite the responsibility. Let me know what days you're attending and we can see if they qualify for the relay teams.  

If you have still not registered with USA swimming (every swimmer on PASA must be registered, competing or not) please go now and register. 


I have attached the results From the meet this past weekend. Great job by all. I want to start a newish tradition with our team. The First Tuesday after a meet I want to take 10 minutes at the beginning of practice to go over the meet and highlight a few swimmers and their accomplishments. We have some kids doing some really amazing things. Try to arrive on time to join in on the news. 

Meet Shout Outs!
Felicity Van  Der Staay Finished 2nd in the 50 back! But what was most impressive is how she held her own during the full day. She arrived on time, warmed up, KNEW her entire pre-meet warmup before coming to the meet. (thanks coach Patrick) She was dressed warm and had a HUGE smile on her face every time she came to me and checked in. At 7 years old she is crushing it! 

Zoe Krna dropping 5 seconds in her 50 free, she has been our silent assassin in the purple group. dropping 13% on a 50 is always impressive.

Ella Moser dropping 8 seconds in an already impressive 500 free and won the event

Leo Cahoy finished 5th overall in the 50 breast dropping 6 seconds

Julian Nicolls who swam every butterfly event in the books also dropped 9 seconds in the 200 free

Max Tang finished 2nd over all in the 200 breast dropped 6 seconds


Coach Dave

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