open water leaderboards

Hello all, 

WAY TO REPRESENT to our fearless swimmers that braved the open water experience and got themselves on the Leaderboards. Coach Laura, Annika P, and Miles K are and inspiration to us all. Miles looking EXTRA tough in the pic. 

From PSL Coach Tim

We had a sunny day of swimming at Aquatic Park! 16 athletes, 3 parents, and 2 coaches swam along the iconic buoy-line of the cove at Aquatic Park! As the numbers grow, the fears of cold bay waters subside(sunshine helped) and each one of these swimmers showed up to do some yardage! Way to go swimmers from PSL, HDAC, and PASA! The 15-18 age-group started their leaderboard and recorded miles of buoys together as a pack, lead by Coach Laura(PASA). The 11un group is the largest with 7 swimmers and a leaderboard change. The 12-14 Y/Old's came to explore the waters and show what the silver group is made of! Come join us again on August 12th, and get ready to race Del Valle Open Water Festival. We are encouraging Bronze, Silver and Gold (green, purple, orange, Senior)  athletes and parents to enter the 1.2K on Sunday August 27. Registration open Now! https://www.teamunify.com/team/dvowf/page/home Good luck on all of the championship meets coming up! Attached is the leaderboard. I will hear any corrections to the tally, as you can see my own daughter has already contested her tally. Again, we are counting bouys, and we had a little trouble with wet whiteboard parkers. Next time we will have a volunteer record only. Coach Tim 
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