Coming Additions and info to PASA Alpine

Hi all, 

I hope you are enjoying your time off from swimming and are getting excited for our upcoming season. 

Every season all families must re-register with our swimtopia site for the new season. I have not switched over completely yet but will be very soon. Please CLICK the RED register now button on our website here. You can sign up now. 

To help us all plan ahead I have already added most of the swim meets/candy meets, as well as some fun events and our new PARENT MEETINGS!!! to our calendar, please look it over and plan ahead. I have also added winter break, when summer schedule starts, and much more.

Practice schedules are shifting slightly please see below. Also, back by popular demand, we have changed the group names back to roughly their original names. Groups will be decided by First their Age, and Second by their ability/commitment. 

Our 7-8 year old swimmers will be in our Bronze group

Our 9-10 year old Advanced group will be the Silver group (swimmers in this group are expected to compete regularly)

Our 9-12 year old developmental group is now our Emerald Group (swimmers in this group are encouraged to try candy meets and an occasional c/b/a meet)

Our 11-12 year old Advanced group will be our Gold Group (swimmers in this group are expected to compete regularly)

ALL 13 and over athletes will now be in our new PLATINUM GROUP this new group will now cater to our older athletes. There will be a High school age only group practicing in the mornings to help stay in shape during HS seasons. Our morning practices will run Monday/Wednesdays/Fridays from 6-7am. Starting September 6th High school athletes will have the option to swim in the mornings with Coach Dan and/or in the evenings with Coach Dave. (DOUBLES???!!!) 

8 & U "Bronze" Coach Patrick 4:00-5:00

9/10Adv "Silver" Coach Laura 4:00-5:30

9 - 12 Y.O "Emerald"  Coach Javi 5:00-6:30

11-12 Adv "Gold" Laura 5:00-6:45

13 and Over "Platinum"  Dave 4:30-6:45

HS Only High School AM Dan 6:00-7:00am(M/W/F), PM Dave 4:30-6:45 (Mon-Fri)

You will notice all practices have been extended, we are adding in a dryland or dynamic component to all workouts. Our focus will be developing core muscles to help strengthen our athletes as well as reduce chance for injuries. Dryland is not optional it is vital to the health and fitness of the groups. And a chance for the kids to bond without their faces in the water. Shoes are Mandatory. Swimmers must have their suits on under their dryland clothes during dryland to help reduce time between dryland and swimming.

There will be MUCH more info to follow but I wanted to get out the important news first. 

ANY questions please email my NEW email address. Dave@alpinehills.us

USA registrations are due soon. I will be sending that info out shortly. ALL PASA SWIMMERS COMPETING OR NOT MUST BE REGISTERED WITH USA SWIMMING. Athletes will not be allowed in the water without their USA registrations. 

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